Humans have only one earth, it is human beings rely on natural resources, people want to live a happy happy life, you must consciously to protect the natural environment, care for the earth.

However, in recent years, the earth's environment is more and more bad: global warming, hurricane, heavy rain, such as frequent disastrous weather, infectious diseases such as SARS, bird flu, bring serious threat to human life and work and a lot of inconvenience. These are the results of people continually "hurting" the earth. The forest was cut down, the green hills were dug, the beautiful grassland was a desert, the clear water was a turbid stream. Trees less, castle peak bald, grassland drought, water dark and make people living environment deteriorate, breathe the air, living environment "occupied" by many harmful things, the virus will take into the body of people, we human beings will suffer from some terrible diseases.

A few days ago, I read a cartoon in the newspaper: a man sitting on a tree branch was cutting down the branch he was sitting on. "Well, that's funny." Some might think so. Don't you think, is this just a funny cartoon? Isn't it ironic? You don't realize that it is warning us that we are destroying our environment and that we are unknowingly harming ourselves.

When you walk down the street, what do you do if you want to spit? If you choose to spit on the ground, do you think you're hurting yourself? One mouthful of sputum contains a lot of germs, and when the sun shines, it multiplies and spreads. Also, when you cut down a tree, when you cut a piece of grass, when you pour the dirt into rivers, don't you think it is in the destruction of the environment, "injury"?

The old saying goes: "the forefathers planted trees, the descendants of the generations to cool", the former has given us large swaths of forest, green space, what are we leaving behind? It is a barren desert, or a dense forest, and you must choose a dense forest. What hesitate, let us together voluntarily protect the environment, good care environment, consciously consciously afforest environment, improve our living environment, create a better future!







The earth is our beautiful home, but now there are people who constantly hurt it. Here are the grass. Let's listen!

On Sunday, I and friends to finish the homework, meets at small area on the grass to play, we play is excited, suddenly heard a tiny voice Shouting: "little brother, pity me."

I look westward, not even a single person. Where is the voice? When I was puzzled, I heard the small voice again: "I am at your right foot!" I quickly raised my right foot and was shocked. "why, how could it be grass?"

For me to see it with a sigh said: "a few days ago, a group of children on the ground to play a football in the afternoon, I trample all over like a scattered the rack, bouncing around you and to me today, is really unbearable. We plant was friend of mankind, we used to live in harmony, but now a lot of arbitrary trees are cut down, take the grass were children picked at random, trample, alas...... the grass says, tears.

I looked at it sympathetically. The grass to dry the tears, continue to said sadly: "now, I not only absorb carbon dioxide every day, are sucked into a lot of waste gas, the harmful gas physical harm is too big for us!"

I comfort it and say, "you can rest assured that I will promote the people in the campus to protect nature." "Thank you so much," the grass said excitedly. "thank you so much."

I ran home quickly, with a basin of water on the grass, which was almost dry

"You can rest assured that I will not come and trample you any more, and I will not let the other children spoil you," she said.

From then on, the grass became a happy life again, with its own green meaning to bring a beautiful scenery to the city.











I, mother earth. Guardians of the human ecological balance.

I exist to make people live a good life. Because they do whatever they want, let the old me get hurt again.

I am one step away from death, why? It turns out that you humans have cut down trees everywhere, and the forest cover has fallen so that the birds have lost their only beautiful home. Waste water, litter, pollute the environment, plants and animals cannot survive. Waste water, causing more and more areas to suffer from drought and water scarcity...

I have been bruised and bruised; awake, awake, and destroy yourselves and me in the plague of plants and animals. For the good tomorrow, let's adjust our life style, let us together work together to make a contribution for mother earth, let us work together!

Create a beautiful home, all of us!