Dr. Shipeng Zhou,

Professor of Physics,

Qingdao University

NO. 308 Ning Xia Road, Qingdao

Shan Dong Province, China

Tel.:0086 (0532) 8595 3692


for Zihan Wang

November 16, 2019

Being the Leader of the Qingdao IBO Team, I have known Zihan Wang since 2019, when he was studying in high school. In 2019 he was a winner of the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) in City, Country, and was awarded silver medal there. Also Wang was a winner of National IBO, Young Biologists Tournaments during 2019-2019.

His first year of undergraduate studies, Wang spent in the Biology Department of Shan Dong University. Next year he continued his study at Qingdao University. I was not surprised when Wang was admitted to our institute as a second year transfer student. It is necessary to notice that no more than five students are admitted in such a way per year. For that they have to pass thorough examinations and show substantial irreproachable knowledge of physics and mathematics, as well as high clarity of thoughts.

Studying at the QDU is very hard but Wang became one of the top students here. This judgment is supplied by the fact that Wang was a winner of IBO Undergraduate students Biology Olympiad (2nd position in 36), successfully participated in All-Nation students Theoretical Mechanics Olympiad. He has got only the highest grades on all subjects, thus his GPA is 4.0 so far. For such excellence in studies and research work Wang was selected two times as a Representative Student.

I have to mention that Wang started his teaching practice as early as while studying at Shan Dong University. He conducted sessions, training high school students for All-Nation and International IBO. So when he joined our group he started work at full capacity. He demonstrated brilliant mental abilities and experimental skills. I was impressed by his performance.

Wang has a strong and motivated desire to be a Biologist. He is diligent, bright-minded and trust-worthy in every way.

I highly recommend Mr Zihan Wang for further education at your department.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr Shipeng Zhou


Dear Colleagues:

As Dean and President of Academic Committee of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, which enjoys high reputation in Asian telecommunication field, I am very pleased in recommending Mr. Gregory Tang to study in your renowned university.

I was his teacher of the compulsory course of encoding and data processing and the director of his graduation thesis. And we also had very close contact when he was the chief editor of our departmental newspaper, so I knew him quite well about his academic performance and personal character.

In my course of encoding and data processing, he revealed keen appetite for knowledge by his attentive and active class participation. His well-founded mastery of the course supported by his solid mathematics background won him the first place in the class with the term final score of 96, topping all of his fellow students. His remarkable performance in this course had given me very deep impression.

Mr. Gregory Tang is well known in the department for his diligence and perseverance in study and researches. When he was taking part in SONY Cup National University and College Students Electronic Design Competition, I could always find him doing experiments in the lab, even late at night. And the AI Electric Scoreboard System designed by his team finally won the 2nd prize after intense competition with electronic aces from every corner of this country.

In November 1999, the appraisal team decided to recommend Mr. Gregory Tang to be enrolled as graduate students with exemption of entrance exams. But at last because of his personal pursuit and plan of development, he abandoned this recommendation. I respected his choice of personal orientation though I felt his refusal of this offer a pity. Before his graduation, he mentioned to me in a conversation that he planned to work for two years and then would apply to study abroad. I felt quite glad of his plan as by my knowledge this university is of great fame and I also believe he can further enhance his capabilities of every aspect in this field if educated in a more liberal academic environment.

Therefore, I hereby strongly support Mr. Gregory Tang‘s application to be enrolled by your program. And his extraordinary performance I have learned through direct or indirect contacts, along with his working experience in R&D of Hutchison Telecommunications have made me convinced that he will be an outstanding candidate deserving your favorable consideration.

Yours sincerely,