Resume number: 371278102 Updating date: 20xx-02-14 10:46:07

Name: Mr. Xiangwei Zhao Nationality: China (Mainland)

Current Place: Nansha Height/Weight: 167 cm 60 kg

Marital Status: Single Age: 26 years

Career Objective

Application type: Jobseeker

Preferred job title: Real Estate: Construction Crew 、 Surveying / Measurement: Construction Management 、 Dataman: Engineering Project Supervisor

Working life: 3 Title: No title

Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In three days

Expected salary: ¥5,000--¥8,000 Preferred working place: Guangdong province Guangzhou Shenzhen

Work experience

Company's name:The third engineering company in Hunan ProvinceBegin and end date: 20xx-12-20xx-02

Enterprise nature:Governmental agencyIndustry: Mechanics/Electrical Equipment/Heavy Industry

Job Title: Technical director

Job description: With the owners, the total package and Supervision in the technical, economic exchanges consultation, engineering visa measurement, pre-settlement cost management

Reasons for leaving: job

Educational Background

Name of School: Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic

Highest Degree: Associate Date of Graduation: 20xx-07-01

Name of Major 1: Construction Management Name of Major 2: Computer Application

Education experience:

Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No

1991-091997-06The Taojiachong Primary SchoolSciencediploma

1997-0920xx-06The Yunling Junior Secondary SchoolSciencediploma

20xx-0920xx-06The number 3 High School Of Songzi DowntownSciencediploma

20xx-0920xx-06Guangzhou Panyu PolytechnicConstruction Managementdiploma

Language Ability

Foreign Language: Others Level: normal

Chinese level: good Cantonese Level: normal

Relevant skills and abilities

Professional master course are: building construction technology, building construction design, engineering, construction supervision, construction drawings, reinforced concrete structures, building surveying, building materials, construction mechanics, housing architecture, construction budget, the foundation and basic soil mechanics, AUTOCAD higher mathematics, electrical construction applications, such as water supply and drainage construction. National Computer has been a certificate, the National Certificate in English 2, electricians intermediate / 4 skills vocational qualification certificate, Mastered the Total Station, Theodolite, Level, such as operations, construction surveying actinomycosis can skilled use of Success Tatsu, Yin Lei-denominated software engineering, AutoCAD, office software and with the hope of project management software, personal love calligraphy, ball games , running and computer software and hardware installation and maintenance. Academy of Art and Design won the third competition the first prize contest Building Surveying, Construction Arts, Department for Education and Youth League party building chip Feedback second prize essay competition, from February 20xx to July 20xx academic school year, third-class scholarship, was Hospital work-study as an advanced personal.

Self-recommendation letter

would like to honesty, hard, solid seriously, the collective sense of honor, and has a good team spirit, enthusiasm for work and has strong organizational skills, a strong sense of responsibility, to be creative. My motto:The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers, it's big because of its capacity. A person is great when he can be tolerant and forgiving to many other people.

Recalling the past three years studying a hurry, in the mentor's guidance and help and their own efforts, I personally in the moral, intellectual, physical, and many have made great progress, life, values, world views have risen to a new height, but also developed a seriously good study and work habits.

In life, I insist that self-reflection and efforts to improve themselves, the positive side to the party. In the first semester to take part in the Party School of the training courses are now members of the Communist Party of China, in a comprehensive systematic study of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, I am more firmly their own political ideals, they will actively support the party's leading.

In learning, in addition to learn book knowledge, the spirit of applying their knowledge and theory with practical thinking, I also actively participate in social practice, professional practice, the successful completion of the academic curriculum. In the university, I have been engaged in work-study program to a serious and responsible work attitude received Work-Study Scholarship, but also tempered my body and will form a good working habits. From freshman to junior, I have insisted on running 1500 meters per day, often playing basketball, can always keep their best condition, because a healthy body is the capital.I have strict demands on themselves: restraint, silence, order, determination, thrift, diligence, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, serenity, purity, modesty and integrity. Of course, I also could not all do a good job, but have been countless friends, teachers, to help ... ... the future I will strive to do better. As long as there is paid, there will be a return. And learn to know less than I will in the community of the university to work harder in the study.

In 20xx, I graduated from the internship to work, I earth in Fairview Real Estate Construction Company Rapporteur for one year, in this nearly a year of hard work, I where 4,5,6 Block Project Fairview Peninsula have been high-level me and the workers together to start from the basic construction to the top. During this day, I pay a lot, has also been a lot of valuable experience, rich knowledge society ... ... These are a rare asset. At the same time I have witnessed three 18-story high-rise from the ground behind the hardships and witnessed the workers for their hard work, regardless of the day, witnessed a heavy harvest ... ...

December 20xx I resigned to devote themselves to the boat to the Nansha Shipbuilding Base of construction, the third engineering company in Hunan Province contracted by Canton Zehui Development Co., Ltd. to install the construction of municipal public works projects to do the technical, economic work, during which also tie in with the measurements, using total station construction actinomycosis. Of course, until now, still learning, working.



性別: 男

出生年月: 1990年6月

工作經驗: 應屆畢業生

畢業年月: 20xx年7月

最高學歷: 本科

畢業學院: 華僑大學

所修專業: 工程管理

居 住 地: 福建省 廈門市 集美區

籍 貫: 福建省 泉州市 永春縣

求職概況 / 求職意向

職位類型: 全職

期望月薪: 3000-4000元

期望地點: 福建省 廈門市 ,福建省 泉州市 ,福建省 福州市

期望職位: 助理工程師 造價員 監理員

意向概述: 工程助理等相關項目工程管理崗位


20xx年9月 - 20xx年6月 華僑大學 工程管理 本科


1、建築專業知識紮實,土木工程施工、工程項目管理、工程造價等重點學科都取得優秀的成績,具有系統的建築工程管理專業知識,了解建築施工熟悉土建工程設計、施工、監督和管理的全套工作流程; 2、熟練掌握天正建築、廣聯達、AUTOCAD等建築軟體,同時掌握土建工程專業圖紙設計、施工規範及設備材料的市場行情; 3、此外,本自學能力強,善於思考,吃苦耐勞,有良好的溝通能力,善於與他人相處,富有團隊合作精神。


20xx年7月 - 20xx年8月 廈門協成監理有限公司、福建省第五建築有限公司 監理員、施工員

20xx年10月 - 20xx年10月 廈門立丹行置業有限公司 銷售助理


20xx年9月 - 20xx年6月 華僑大學素質拓展部幹事 華僑大學

20xx年9月 - 20xx年6月 房地產協會幹事 華僑大學

20xx年9月 - 20xx年6月 房地產協會部長 華僑大學

20xx年9月 - 20xx年6月 團支書 華僑大學






姓 名:diyifanwen

年 齡: 26

民 族: 漢族

婚姻狀況: 未婚

戶 籍: 廣東 珠海 香洲區

現居住地: 廣東 珠海 香洲區

身 高: 160cm

體 重: 54kg

最高學歷: 本科

所學專業: 建築環境與設備工程

畢業院校: 太原理工大學

意向職位: 製冷、暖通,空調、鍋爐

意向地區: 海珠區,天河區,香洲區,博羅

工作性質: 全職

工作經驗: 3年以上

月薪要求: 8000

到崗時間: 隨時